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Dear Self With Love Studio

Dear Self 2023 Self-Love Monthly Weekly Planner

Dear Self 2023 Self-Love Monthly Weekly Planner

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This planner is not just about the “have-to-dos” and meetings. But the good stuff. The you stuff. Because how can you arrive to your important life commitments when you're running on empty? A lot of struggles in life  boil down to the time (or lack of) we spend with ourselves, the commitments we make to the person we see in the mirror, and our overall capacity for consistency. That’s why managing time and being able to see it mapped out on paper is such a profound launching pad for self-love.

In this planner you’ll find a carefully curated blend of ingredients to help you stay self-aware, and accountable in your day-to-day life. When you follow the daily check-ins and weekly reflections & forecasts you’ll become your own self-love coach. This is your space to keep track of both your professional and personal commitments alongside your mood, memorable moments, habits, victories, ideas, inspiration, and more. 

Dimensions - 8.5 inches x 6 inches  and .5 inches thick 

Materials - Hand bound with custom flexible acrylic coils, #70 b&w planner pages, and #100 color covers


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