About Dear Self With Love Studio

The Dear Self With Love Studio is inspired by a pop-up letter writing workshop I hosted in 2018 where I invited participants to write letters to their future selves. Guests sat down and wrote in the present tense to their 2019 self and then signed, sealed, and deposited their letter into a paper mache mailbox I made with their return address on it. 

When 2019 came I mailed the letters back to the participants and was humbled by the responses I received. For some, writing the letter alone completely shifted everything because it got them to think outside of the box they had been limiting themselves to. And for others, receiving a letter from their past self put so much into perspective about how they experience time, their goals, relationships, and accomplishments.

The concept of supporting people to connect with their inner (and future) selves is a passion of mine that I’ve lived out in my space-holding practice for the past 3+ years. Now, I’m excited to combine everything I’ve learned as a space-holder with my passion for art and printed goods to bring this self-reflection work to more people in fun, playful, and curious ways. 

Whether you’re needing a reminder in the form of a sticker on a water bottle, participating in a virtual letter writing workshop (coming soon!), or diving deep into the 2023 self-love planner - I hope this space fills you with a sense of possibilty for what the future can hold and all of the amazing things you are capable of creating in your life!